Andrea Reiner is Named a Leading Woman in Technology

We are thrilled to announce that Andrea Reiner, Vice President and co-owner of InnerSpace Electronics, Inc., has been featured as a Leading Woman in Technology by Consumer Electronics. Below is the link to the published article. Congratulations Andrea!

December 03, 2014 on

It’s not easy writing a story about women as a subset of an industry, as the women in this story prove. These women are not unique because of their gender, they are innovators, leaders and creators who are changing the tech landscape for the better, whether honing complex worlds of smart home technology and distribution for efficiency, for profit and for style or developing apps that allow smartphones to deliver vital medical data.

These leaders have important stories to tell about how they rose in the ranks at their own companies, inspiring not just other women, but a new generation of innovators who are building on their ideas.

Andrea Reiner
Vice President of Innerspace Electronics Inc.
Port Chester, NY

What inspired you to found Innerspace?
I was on vacation with the man I knew would be my life partner, and we were discussing how we both wanted to create our own business and not work for someone else.

What were your main goals for creating a company focused on smart home technology?
Life passion and vocation.

What was the install industry like when you first got started?
In its infancy. Scott Struthers was just introducing in-wall speakers, and manufacturers were just starting to “think” about creating audio control systems. Mostly we were soldering and creating our own products.

What was your first experience with technology?
I started in 1982 with IBM as a systems engineer. My passion was never for the technology, but for the people I was working with. Thus, I moved into a marketing representative position after two years. Besides strategy and direction for the firm, I now mostly run the financial department and the marketing lead generation/close department. I can still remember my difficulties at college trying to program punch cards.

What challenges do you face being your own boss?
The largest challenge has always been to find motivated, caring, hardworking employees. It’s much easier to find the clients.

Have you ever faced any challenges being a woman in CE?
No. I can’t think of one time. Possibly because I am an owner of a company I never felt discriminated against.

What’s something people may be surprised to find out about you?
That I was a horticulture major at the University of Maryland. I thought I would spend my days in a greenhouse planting flowers.

Has anyone inspired you in the industry over the years?
There are a lot of wonderful people in this industry, but the first three people that come to mind are Carol Campbell, for creating Woman in CE and always being such a wonderful enthusiastic presence in the industry, Doug Weinstein, for creating the ELF Organization and Maureen Jenson. She was the first person we worked with in publishing, and has always showed us such kindness and professionalism.

Favorite gadget?
My sailboat—does that count? After that it would be my Kindle, because I love to read!