Motorized Shades & Drapery

At the push of a button, quickly manage natural light and privacy with automated shades & drapery. From motorized roller shades with solar or blackout fabric options, to roman shades, drapery tracks, or battery operated options, our team of shades specialists will support you in every phase of your project. 

Seamlessly integrate and control your shades into a home automation system such as Lutron, Savant, Crestron or Control4.  

Discover the benefits 

AESTHETICS – with numerous colors, patterns and textures, motorized shades transition spaces to create the right amount of light for any activity while blending into the design of the space. For rooms with dual rollers, two fabrics allow you to further transform the space as you switch between fabrics and colors.

SOUND PROOFING – A Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb. NRC ratings range from zero to one with zero absorbing no sound and one absorbing all sound. Our fabrics range from .1 to .45 which can dramatically reduce outside noises and disturbances and keep your home your sanctuary. 

ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Keeping your shades open during the cold winter months can help warm your home as the sun floods into your space. During the summer, lowering the shades reduces the amount of heat generated keeping your cooling systems at an optimal performance level. Reduce your energy bills and environmental impact with the use of motorized shades.

SECURITY – Program your shades to raise and lower at certain times of the day to create the illusion that the home is occupied. Or, press your “Away” button as you exit the home to lower all the shades making it harder for passerbys to peek in.

CONVENIENCE – Skylights and double height windows allow extra light to flood a space and contribute to added energy usage because they tend to be difficult to manage. With customized skylight shade options, at the touch of a button you can easily gain control of this hard to reach light source. Program the shades to follow the astronomic clock so they’ll raise and lower following the course of the sun.

RETROFIT – Many motorized shade options require wire and electrical power sources nearby. This can be a challenging and costly task. Battery operated shades are the perfect solution for these spaces. They are designed to operate for years without the need to replace the batteries and performance is matched to wired versions.

INTEGRATION – Many motorized window treatments have built-in capabilities to be integrated into a new or existing lighting control or integrated control system. Easily create scenes so that one button can dim lights, turn on a projector and lower the shades for a movie night experience to remember. The programming options are endless. 

Our Brands


Beautiful arched windows line the gallery space of this Purchase, NY home.

Program Requirements: The homeowners wanted privacy, and the ability to protect their hardwood floors from the glaring light.

Project Solution: With custom shade pockets to discreetly house the shade rollers, we were able to elegantly add motorized shades without disturbing the space.

The solar fabric selection blended with the color and aesthetic of the space while addressing their privacy concerns. The openness factor of the fabric provided the sun protection they required to protect their fine furnishings. 

The installation of nearby in-wall keypads enabled easy one-button control of the motorized shades. Programming options allowed for customization in the shades schedule to automatically raise and lower at various times of the day. 

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