Multi-Room Audio/Video

The digital age brings sound and picture to every room of the house.

This home in Purchase, NY called for a fully integrated control system of multi-room audio. Digital music storage and streaming technology have made CD music a thing of the past – let us advise you on how to bring your music listening up-to-date. This project was recognized by Electronic House Magazine with an award for one of the year’s best designs.

Home in Purchase, NY with fully integrated multi-room home audio control system
Westchester County home in a traditional style with integrated flat panel TVs

Designing modern technology into traditionally-designed spaces can be a challenge. In this Westchester County residence, we integrated a multi-room audio system and numerous flat-panel TVs, without disturbing the classic look and feel of the home.

Integrating flat-panel screens and speakers into a home design, while still preserving top performance, can be more art than science. This project is a great example of a seamless blend into the beautiful custom finishes of this Westchester County Master Bedroom.

Bedroom with custom wood panel finish and integrated flat panel TV
Room set up for sports viewing with one large TV screen surrounded by several smaller screens

Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated media room or home theater, but still demand a high-quality viewing and listening experience. We can turn any room into a comfortable place to enjoy music, TV, films or gaming, enhancing your lifestyle without visible wires or equipment.