Home Theater

Proper home theater design must bring together several elements to create the right environment for a true cinematic experience. Lighting control, acoustic treatments and custom seating are all incorporated to bring our clients’ imagination to reality.

home theater room with tan recliner seating, a large flatscreen TV, and subwoofers
Pop-down ceiling projector and a roll up projection screen transforms a family room into a home theater

Home Theaters don’t always have to look like Theaters. We can provide the ultimate viewing experience with equipment that blends into the décor; a motorized projector and screen can make this “disappearing act” happen any time you wish.

This Westchester County home theater is designed so the homeowners can still work from their computers while spending time with friends and family. The room is equipped with a Digital Projection HIGHlite Cine video projector and B&W speakers and amplifiers. The whole system is controlled via a Savant integrated control system.

Westchester County home theater with computer workstation and a Savant integrated control system
home theater with a touchpad control panel

We incorporate the latest digital home cinema technology, often working with designers, architects and builders to create truly extraordinary results. A touchpanel controls this dedicated Westchester County, NY home theater with a Runco projector, High-end Triad in-wall speakers and a Stewart Filmscreen.

Media rooms like this one in Fairfield County, CT, have become a popular gathering place and retreat for our clients. What was once a walk-out basement has been transformed into a playroom for the adults, integrating a bar area with billiards, and gaming tables. The Runco DLP projector and cinema seating provide a cinematic experience, while five other Sony TVs guarantee that you will never miss that game-winning play.

home theater room with a bar, billiards, and gaming tables
home theater room with a mix of leather couches and theater-style seating

A Runco projector and JBL Synthesis Surround speakers are controlled with simple, touchscreen operation in our design for this Greenwich, CT theater. Comfortable leather sofas are mixed with tiered, movie-house seating to ensure that everyone has a perfect cinema experience.