Old Greenwich, CT

The client had broad expectations for this project. He wanted us to enhance his home with a multi-room audio system and a recreational space to enjoy with his family and friends. He wanted us to transform a bland unfinished basement into an appealing recreation room with a dedicated home theater. Another aspect of the project centered on integrating the lighting to enable the client to control it remotely for security purposes. He wanted to be able to fluctuate the setting of the lights to give the home a “lived-in” appearance whenever he was away.


The scope of the project was quite comprehensive. It encompassed 10 different listening areas, including the kitchen, family room, dining room, living room, exercise room, playroom, game room, bar room, theater and patio. The project featured three local video systems, as well as the creation of a dedicated home theater. The client can control the audio and video home functions with ease thanks to the Control 4 home controller system processor with built-in 500 GB hard drive and ZigBee radio transmitter. There is also a Control 4 lighting system with wireless programmable non-dimmer switches to give the client remote control of the outdoor lighting. Various keypads allow the lighting to be adjusted on site with the touch of a button.