Courtlandt Manor, NY

Our client was very optimistic and enthusiastic about what he sought to achieve with this project. He has one teenager living at home and other children who visit during their college breaks. He wanted his home to be a place where everyone could gather, hang out and relax. The client requested a high-performance home theater that would deliver dynamic sound quality and a crystal-clear picture—yet not exceed his modest budget for the equipment and installation. The client simply wanted a comfortable, attractive and affordable place to watch movies.


The design of the home theater was directly impacted by the room’s layout and furnishings. The front of the space contained a pre-existing, built-in cabinet that we were required to work into the design scheme. We selected the equipment and speakers for the project partially based on the size constraints of the existing cabinetry. Despite having to work around the cabinet, we were able to create a system that performs splendidly with the room.